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There was a time when milky ways could be seen from the terrace of your house while you would sleep there on a warm summer night. Alas, things have changed. Now, we have stopped sleeping on terrace and there are only few stars visible from even a medium size city in India. The lesser said about the bigger metros the better.
If stargazing is of interest to you and if you are living in a medium to big city, here are the list of places which will give you an amazing view of the night sky.



Although the entire Union Territory of Ladakh is known for it’s dark skies and you can pretty much stargaze till the sun is out at any place in the UT, Hanle is the best amongst the best. Ladakh is at such a high altitude that even oxygen levels are low. This means that atmosphere is thin there. It is also a cold desert which means the humidity is quite low. Being sparsely populated and remote there is hardly any light pollution. So, here’s a place which has no light pollution, thin air and low humidity. All the ideal conditions are met which makes it the best stargazing sight in India and even in the world. After all, there is a reason that India’s biggest telescope is placed in Hanle village of Ladakh. Next time you have Ladakh trip in mind, keep few nights reserved for stargazing as well.

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Lahaul & Spiti

Like Ladakh, the Lahaul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh is also at high altitude and in a cold desert. All the criteria met by Ladakh is also fulfilled by Lahaul & Spiti so you will have a similar experience. The only point where it scores lower than Ladakh is its air connectivity, which is more than compensated by the fact that it is much nearer to Manali, if you are a road enthusiast. If a trip to picturesque Lahaul or Spiti is on the cards, don’t forget the night skies.

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Neil Island, Andaman & Nicobar

Nights in Neil Island are blue instead of black and speckled with millions of shiny stars that you hope to capture in your star-chasing travels. This secluded island is 40 kilometers from Port Blair. With practically no light pollution, the deserted beaches are perfectly suited for a night of stargazing. The destination is visited by star gazers from various parts of the world, who mostly come here to witness the blue-hued surroundings. It is surreal to see the waterline transform into a shimmering sea of stars, mirroring the starlit velvet sky above.

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As the saying goes, Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha. While this was coined for Kutch’s landscape, it also holds true for the shining stars too. The huge salt desert of the Rann of Kutch is one of the best stargazing spots in the country. Popular with astronomers and astro-photographers, this dramatic landscape is as serene as it is beautiful. For stargazers, this unique setting with its unending stretches of white earth, clear skies and a blanket of stars is an unforgettable experience.

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Most people associate Coorg with spices and plantations, because no one thought that a walk through the coffee plantations at night could offer much better sightseeing than the day. Yes, a lesser known highlight of Coorg is that it is a dark-sky haven and an absolute joy for stargazers. Next time when you plan a trip to Coorg, stay away from the bigger towns like Madikeri and enjoy the beautiful views of the Milky Ways and so many other celestial objects.

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Mt. Katao, Sikkim

One of the Sikkim’s best-kept travel secrets, Katao in the Yumthang Valley is an epitome of serenity. With its lofty snow clad peaks, emerald slopes and quaint villages dotted with multi-hued prayer flags, this traveller’s paradise is a great option for people who wish to go on a stargazing trip.

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Jaisalmer is so much more than fort, camel safari and sunsets. This is the place, where stars fall in the wide arms of desert and together they make for a golden spectacle and provide you with one-of-a-kind desert camping experience. The desert sky at night is what unforgettable stargazing is made of. Spend the night on the dunes in an overnight desert safari for a quintessential sand and the stars experience.

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This is another Stargazing destination from Karnataka and perhaps one of the most comfortable and convenient stargazing destinations in India. With warm tropical temperatures, no great heights involved and easy vehicular access, the boulder-strewn landscape of Hampi is a perfect place to camp out at night and watch the skies. See the stars reflected in the still water of the Sanapur reservoir, or find a perch overlooking the endless layers of rocky hills.

Hampi is one of the best places in India for astronomy and stargazing


Naneghat, Maharashtra

Ok, this is for people based out of Mumbai or Pune. Naneghat is verdant mountain pass in the Western Sahyadris and a dream destination for ardent stargazers, situated miles away from heavy light pollution.

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Taregna, Bihar

Well, this is a surprise listing for sure but if we go back into the history, it shouldn't be a surprise at all. In fact, the name of the village itself means counting of stars. This is the place where Aryabhatt set-up his observatory 1600 years ago. This village is some 30 km away from the state capital Patna and shot into fame during 2009 full solar eclipse when it was declared as one of the top places in India to watch the phenomena.

Taregna, birthplace of Aryabhatt, one of the best places for stargazing

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