The beauty of Mumbai comes alive with the visit of flamingos, those gracious creatures with wings as pink as Pink City’s walls! The birds’ tastefully painted feathers adorn their long and slender necks, giving them a beauty that cannot be described in words. The majestic birds come to the Thane creek and Sewri mudflats for breeding and spend about 2-3 months there. They are generally spotted resting in areas abundant with algae, which happen to be their favourite food. The high tides of the salt pans are perfect for flamingos. Most of these breeding grounds are very conveniently located from different parts of the city. Get a binocular and head off to any of these places to marvel at the beauty of flamingos.

Some Must Do things in Yuksom

Things to Remember While in Yuksom

  • Dont forget to take mosquito repellents especially if you are going in morning or evening. The mangroves swamps breed tonnes of mosquitoes everyday and you will be swarmed as soon as you reach there
  • Carry binoculars. The flamingos park themselves in the shallow water, away from the banks where you will be standing.
  • A telephoto lens is essential if you are taking your DSLR camera for photography

Things You Will Need for Flamingo Watching in Mumbai

The birds sit in the water almost 100-200m away from the shore. Without a bincoular you will not be able to see them properly without a pair of good binocular. Don’t need to buy if you don’t have one. You can rent a good pair of binocular from Vacaystore. See the link here for more details.

The same problem applies as the previous. Flamingos are a bit away from the shore. Even when you are boating they fly away as soon as they see the boat coming, so you will always be some distance away from the birds. A telephoto lens is definitely needed. You can rent a good lens from Vacaystore. Please see the link here.

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