Liked our company’s vision? Interested to work with us? Read below.

At VacayStore we love travelling and our fellow travelers. It is this passion which has prompted us to start this company where we want to make travel hassle-free for everyone. At the same time, we also want to economize people’s travel budget by encouraging renting instead of buying. Our motto is – Buy what you absolutely need, Rent what you want.

Renting is more sustainable way to travel as buying every piece of travel gear means more burden to earth’s resources. Also, buying stuff which we infrequently use is bad for the consumer as well, because by the time there is need for it’s next use, there is an upgraded version already available.

These are the passion areas we are working at. We are building our team and in look-out for people who have passion for travelling. If this passion interests you, please feel free to apply. Provide us the required information and we will contact you shortly.