Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am concerned about the hygienic aspects of products rented as it may have been used before.

At VacayStore we follow a policy of professional cleaning and sanitation of any product before it is ready for rent. It is an absolute guarantee from us that the product you receive will be spic and span. 

2. How is the rental duration calculated at VacayStore?

VacayStore rentals work on a daily basis in a minimum block of 24 hrs. No partial rental is possible, even if you return the Equipment before the completion of 24 hours block.

For example, you book a GoPro Hero 8 on 06/01/20 from 9:00 AM and schedule the return date for 12/01/20 at 7:00 PM, the total number of days you book it for is 7 days.

We will deliver the product between 9AM – 6 PM 


You can schedule a pick up between 9AM – 6 PM as per your convenience.

If you need any Equipment before 9:00 AM, we will deliver it in the previous evening at no extra cost (you will not be charged for the rental for the night of 05/01/20 in this above example).

Similarly, if you want to return the Equipment after 7:00 PM, we will collect it on the following morning. The rental for that night will not be charged in such cases.

3. Can I extend my rental duration after booking?

Sure. You can extend the order by dropping us an email at or call us on  +91-887 997 277 8

4. Why do I need to pay an additional security deposit?

We trust that you will handle the items with utmost care but the deposit acts a safety net for us in case something goes wrong. VacayStore will initiate the refund of the deposit as soon as we receive the products from the customer.

How can I pay the rental amount?

The rent amount can be paid through

  • Debit card/ Credit card
  • Mobile wallets ( Paytm, Amazon Pay, Ola Money)
  • Net banking.
  • UPI
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

5. Does VacayStore have Cash on Delivery?

Yes, there is a Cash on Delivery (COD) option available.

You will be liable to the same cancellation policy under COD

6. How will the security deposit be refunded?

The deposit can be paid in cash or cheque at the time of delivery. If the deposit is paid in cash, our delivery person will hand over the cash to you when our team picks up the item on the due date. Similarly, the same cheque will be handed back to you, which you had given for deposit.

7. I need multiple products, is there any discount offered?

The prices mentioned on our website are the best prices we can offer. Our system will not be able to alter these prices. However, we encourage customers to use any promo codes or coupons we have running. 

8. What is KYC?

It is quite a simple process. At the time of delivery we will ask you to produce an ID and Address proof which matches with the delivery address. Any government provided ID will work. Our delivery executive will also take a picture of you during delivery.

Please note that this is a one time activity and only applicable for first rental. Subsequent rentals will happen basis the already provided KYC

9. Does VacayStore offer same-day delivery?

If you need same day delivery just give us a call on  +91-887 997 277 8 and we’ll try our best to expedite the delivery to match your timeline.

10.What happens in case an item or any accessory gets accidentally damaged/lost during the rental period?

We understand that there might be unforeseen situations where the items or any of the associated components get accidentally damaged during the rental period. In such scenarios, please inform Team VacayStore via email ( ) at the earliest so we can take the required preventive action from our end. 

Our delivery team will check the item upon collection and in case of any issues, it is  our standard protocol to hold the security deposit until the item is repaired/ replaced to its original condition. If the damage exceeds the security deposit value, customers are liable to pay the additional repair cost. Rest assured we will maintain full transparency of all the cost incurred for the repairs.

11. What happens if I return my products late?

We understand there might be times that you might be running late. We will collect the item/s from your home. We will confirm the time slot (between 9AM – 6PM) depending on your availability on the day. Please do understand that any unforeseen delay in product return causes a significant hassle and cost to us, as it throws all our dispatch plans out of gear, so please inform us as much in advance as possible. While we will not levy any penalty for late deliveries as a gesture of our love towards our valued customers, if you provide a time slot for the next day, one day extra rental fee will be charged and so on.

12. Does VacayStore help with set up/installations?

All our products are very easy to assemble/set-up. However if you still need assistance in setting-up the equipment, we will share some videos which can help you setting up the products easily.  

13. There is a product I am keen to rent for my next trip but it isn’t currently listed in your store. Can you procure it for me?

Please get in touch with us through We are continually adding products to our catalog and your interest will only expedite the product’s addition. The more time you give us, the better – so please share with us your rental product requests as soon as you start planning your next trip. 

14. I love the product I rented. How can I keep it?

You may be able to. Please contact us at  at least a day before the end of the rental period and we will provide you with a buy price for the products.