Orion 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

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Deposit Amount: Rs.10000 (to be paid in cash/cheque at the time of delivery)
Available Locations: Mumbai
Availability Type: Only Home Delivery. No In-store Pickup.

Rent a Telescope - For a night with your fav stars

Usually, in terms of what you can see, bigger telescopes are better. But bigger telescopes also require bulkier, heavier mounts and tripods to keep them stable, and consequently, an equally brawny user to lug it around. Enter the Maksutov-Cassegrain design which gives the same focal length in a telescope tube that’s a fraction of the length (and weight) of a Newtonian reflector or refractor telescope of similar aperture and focal length. That’s the beauty of its Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope optical design – it’s so wonderfully portable.

For the serious astronomer who values performance and quality optics but wants portability and easy set-up, the Orion Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope is ideal. Orion, with high-quality optics and multi-coating glasses is one of the best you can get in this design.

During the night, the Orion 127 provides sharply detailed views of the Moon, brighter planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as well as open and globular star clusters and cloudy nebulas. Since this is a compact Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, it can be used in the daytime as a versatile spotting scope capable of high magnification views as well.

Quality is evident not only in the optics of the Orion 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain, but also in the black-anodized aluminum front and rear castings, the smooth-turning focus knob, and the extruded aluminum tube, with a classy, metallic-burgundy finish. The included 6×26 achromatic, correct-image finder scope features a quick-release aluminum bracket with a dovetail base and two-screw X-Y alignment.

This scope comes with the following accessories –

1540mm focal length, 127 mm aperture f/12.1 tube; Equatorial mount; 32 mm and 25 mm eyepieces; star diagonal; 6X26 correct image finder.

One of the best telescopes you will get in the Indian market, this 1540 mm scope with 127mm wide aperture will give you 61x magnification with 25 mm eyepiece and a whopping 210x magnification with a 7 mm eyepiece which will give a great view of many celestial objects including clusters and nebulas.

So go ahead, select your dates and rent this Orion Maksutov Cassegrain telescope with us at VacayStore.

Warning: This telescope focuses a lot of light. Looking directly at the SUN through this device can result in partial or complete loss of vision.

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1 review for Orion 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

  1. Pratik

    This was an excellent telescope we hired from Vacaystore. Loved the ease with which it can be used and on top of that amazing clarity. Will hire again.

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