Located in the northeast Sikkim, Lachung boasts about as the most picturesque hamlet of Sikkim and locally dubbed even as the Queen of the Northeast. At an elevation of 8,610 ft, Lachung is hailed for its snow capped mountains, majestic valleys, copious fruit orchards  and lush green ridges. Adding one more uniqueness to Lachung is its embrace of the old Sikkimese traditions. With its exquisite murals and ancient statues, Lachung Gompa, sitting at the top of a hill,  is a major attractions inside the village. The Gompa has exquisite murals and ancient statues, which are a sight to behold. 

Some Must Do things in Lachung

Things to Remember While in Lachung

  1. Yume Samdong is a protected area. All visitors must obtain permission to visit because it is so near to the international boundary between India and China.  
  2. Luggage must involve seasonal items of clothing according to the weather for the period of your visit. The summers are still welcoming but the winters are savage. First aid kit, antibacterial creams, sunscreen lotions, woolens are a must.
  3. Before the visit go through the state’s policy about places, wildlife, and interaction with the natives.

Things You Will Need in Lachung

While trekking to Zero Point, which sits at high altitudes, you are expected to have low oxygen levels and high altitude sickness. In travel you are supposed to save every bit of your energy to traverse the trek and thus you cannot afford to carry your big DSLRs and stuff in the backpack. This is where the handy GoPro comes to your aid. You can take pictures of panoramic views of snow-clad mountains and picturesque surroundings or you could even record your whole trekking adventure by attaching the versatile GoPro. Don’t forget to rent one of them from us when you are planning the trip to Lachung. Go ahead and rent GoPro Hero 8


A trekking pole will be an aid in your trek to Yumthang Valley and Zero Point. Traversing these high altitude locations may put you in jeopardy so taking a trekking pole always helps. Here is the link to rent a trekking pole in Sikkim from Vacaystore.

Binoculars are never needless wherever you may visit. Since Lachung may offer some offbeat spots you can observe your surroundings well with a binoculars in your hands. It will also help you in spotting flowers and mammals in the vast Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, even a snow leopard or untraceable red panda. We have these equipment on rent too! sounds great right? Go ahead, renting it then. Here’s the link to rent Binoculars in Sikkim from Vacaystore.

During your visit to Yumthang Valley and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, when you gaze at the beauty of the flowers in the valley or the rich biodiversity of Rhododendron trees of the Shingba Sanctuary, you wanna etch the scenes in your memory forever. To make your memories more profound you can capture its sheer beauty with the cameras offered by us. Go ahead and rent the cameras for your next journey. Here’s the link to rent our cameras in Sikkim.

During the winters, temperatures can go sub zero in Lachung and more so at the Zero Point. Shielding of even multi-layered clothing doesn’t help your condition in the chilly winters.. A fleece jacket is the minimum you will need irrespective of your plans in Lachung. These jackets are light and can keep you warm even up to minus 4 degrees. Our jackets are professionally dry-cleaned after every rental cycle, so don’t worry about hygiene and rent it here. It will also save you trouble of carrying heavy woolens all the way from home. Rent clean and good quality jackets in Sikkim from Vacaystore. Here’s the link.

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