Juley! Welcome to Ladakh!!

Spectacular arid mountains enfold this erstwhile Buddhist kingdom. Picture-perfect gompas  dramatically crown rocky outcrops while prayer flags flutter in the cool himalayan breeze and prayer wheels spin around whitewashed stupas. Gompa interiors are a riot of golden Buddhas and intricately colourful murals and home to red-robed monks. It’s a little corner of Tibet marooned in the northern most frontier of India.

Some Must Do things in Ladakh

Things to Remember While in Ladakh

  1. Get acclimatized before venturing out of the city, especially to high altitude locations (like Pangong, Khardungla and other passes).
  2. Carry light stuff as thin air makes it very difficult to breathe. Carrying your own body weight looks like a tough task, the least you can do is reduce the unnecessary weight in your backpack.
  3. Sunglasses are a must as the sunlight is very bright and you will need to concentrate fully on the terrain if you are hiking/trekking

Things You Will Need in Ladakh

Ladakh is nature’s canvas where so many picture perfect landscapes have been painted. It would be difficult for you to which panorama to shoot and which one to leave. Under such circumstances, where every turn on the road is filled with amazing vistas, a GorPro will come handy, especially if you are riding or trekking. Not packing one while going to Ladakh is like going on a war without ammunition. So don’t forget and rent one of them from us if biking or trekking is what you are interested in when in Ladakh.

We also have Hero7, if Hero8 looks like out of budget. Click here to see the prices.


Zero light pollution and high altitude means you can see better night skies than your city. Take advantage of this fact and carry a telescope with you to gaze at the millions of stars dotting our galaxy. A windcheater or light jacket will be required to ward off the night chill. For wintery nights you will need much more, so plan wisely.

While telescopes are meant for moon and stars, binoculars are versatile. Use them to see the wildlife (Snow Leopard or Ibex) during the day and watch the millions of stars during the night. Everything else is self-explanatory.

Though, Aculons are the best equipment out there, we also have Olympus and Quechua if you fancy one of them.

We travel for few days and relive the memory for many years. Ladakh, being one of the most beautiful places on the earth needs to be relived forever. So, take a lot of picutres and good quality pictures which will also ensure that your picture quality doesn’t look too outdated even if viewed 20 years later. Go ahead, rent this Mark IV, one of the best camera ever made for landscape photography.

We recommend you pair it with Canon RF 24-105 Lense, which will give very vibrant colors to those landscapes you shot.

Summers are hot in Ladakh as the sun is scorching throughout the day, but even a hint of shade and you will start feeling cold. It is advised to dress up in layers which you can shed as the heat increases. The most important part of your clothing however will be this wind cheater/rain poncho which will  protect you from wind chill when you are not in sun. The windcheaters with us are extremely light and compact and will not take a lot of space.

If you plan to venture out in the night (which we highly recommend!) or stay in a tent, a fleece jacket is a must. If you are travelling between Oct-Jun, a fleece jacket is the minimum you will need irrespective of your plans in Ladakh.

These jackets are light and can keep you warm even up till minus 4 degree. Our jackets are professionally dry-cleaned after every rental cycle, so don’t worry about hygiene and rent it here

The oxygen level is very low in Ladakh which means it’s a great effort to move or carry weight. A light weight and ergonomically designed backpack will add immensely to your Ladakh expedition.

It will help you immensely in maintaining balance on any kind of trek and give you comfort. The ergonomically designed handles will make it easy to hold.

Power supply is erratic in Leh and street lighting is negligible. If your night time activity is limited to coming back to hotel after eating out, your mobile phone should be good enough. But if your plan includes overnight stay at remote places or in the hills a torch would be essential. We advise this torch which is ultra light, has high lumen and the beam can go upto 100 m and would be good enough to scare a wild animal or find something you might have dropped in the night.

Power supply is erratic in Leh and if you are going trekking or hiking, you won’t get any power and all. Batteries also die very quickly in cold weather, so a high capacity power bank is a must if you plan to remain away from Leh town for some time.

If you are going in the winter season, we advise you to keep the power bank wrapped in woolen to avoid power drain due to cold.

When out on a trek in Ladakh, you should be very choosy about what to carry. Bottled water should definitely be the last priority. Not only because it adds bulk, but also of the environmental issues. The water in the streams you will come across can be used for drinking. We recommend carrying this portable and compact water filter which can filter water even from a muddy puddle

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