This gem of a city among the southern hill resorts is covered in pine trees, coffee and tea plantations. It radiates a sense of mysticism which allures travellers all over India and abroad to come visit this intriguing tourist hotspot. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Each and every tourist attraction in Ooty promises a more than unique and special experience that will leave you in awe for many days to come. However, if you are wondering what to do and what to see in Ooty then have a look at the various sights that we have curated for you mentioned below.

Some Must Do things in Ooty

Things to Remember While in Ooty

Woollens and a warm jacket are needed all through the year in Ooty. While the days are relatively warmer, the nights are breezy and relatively colder.
An umbrella/raincoat and a backpack cover to shield you from the rain. You don’t want to be caught by surprise during an unexpected shower.

Things You Will Need in Ooty

A DSLR is a must in order to capture the picturesque views and moments you would encounter during your visit. You definitely want to keep hold of those memories.

If you want to get a closer look at some of the deers, hares and other species of animals while you tour the wildlife parks then carrying binoculars is highly recommended. Though, Aculons are the best equipment out there, we also have Olympus and Quechua if you fancy one of them. 

While not as cold as Himalayas, Ooty is still Chilly. You will not need a down’s jacket or other warmer clothes, but a windcheater will be a good way to make the things more comfortable.

A Mountain walking Pole is an absolute must while you trek the Doddabetta Peak. You want to make the trek as easy on as possible if you are not a seasoned mountaineer.

In hill stations, the nights get quite dark and since most of the areas aren’t as well lit as the others, having a flashlight by your side at all times is your best bet on seeing the road ahead just in case.

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