Pelling, a town in the western part of Sikkim state, is well known as a tourist spot to get an explicit view of Mt. Kangchenjunga and it also is the place to various waterfalls, temples, lakes, and monasteries. The habitat and nature of this offbeat town are calming and thus is an attraction for environmentalists, culturists, travelers. Pelling falls in the least visited town of the state but with the pace of time, it is becoming more admirable by the visitors. So, add this to your list when you’re off for Sikkim as it is easy to reach with the availability of roads direct from the airport and railway station.

Some Must Do things in Pelling

Things to Remember While in Pelling

  1. Include seasonal clothing with you according to the weather of the month you’re picking to go on.
  2. Carry id proofs, RAP(Restricted Area Permit) and PAP(Protected Area Permit) with yourself.
  3. Make sure to read the guidelines by the state tourism authority and follow accordingly.

Things You Will Need in Pelling

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