Up stationed at an altitude of 7,000 ft, Ravangla is a small town in south Sikkim which sits at the foothills of Maenam and Tendong Hill. The hamlet and its outskirts provide an incredible array of views of the Greater Himalayan snow ranges. Ravangla, surrounded by beautiful conifer and alpine trees, has been developed as a new offbeat attraction in the state of Sikkim. Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Sinialchu, and Mt. Kabru are among the spectacular mountains that surround the town. surround the town.

Some Must Do things in Ravangla

Things to Remember While in Ravangla


  1. Make sure to take seasonal clothing with you, summer doesn’t demand a lot but winter does, so take woolen clothes along with you and first aid is a must for any trip.

  2. Do give a read of guidelines provided by the state and make sure to abide by them.

Things You Will Need in Ravangla

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