Sikkim, the first organic state in northeast India, is situated in the Eastern Himalayas, rich in its biodiversity and climate, charming with its environment, cuisine, culture, and wildlife. Its astounding landscape includes the picturesque view of the highest mountain in the country and the third-highest in the world, Mt. Kangchenjunga, the beautiful lakes, rivers, monasteries, waterfalls, orchids all of them satisfying with their uniqueness. Sikkim surpasses in terms of the stimulus it has to offer through remarkable views of the glaciers, the hot springs, and streams, and numerous adventures.

Some Must Do things in Sikkim

Things to Remember While in Sikkim

  1. Restricted Area Permit (RAP) earlier known as inner line permit and Protected Area Permit (PAP) must be carried by foreigners along with Indian Visa. Indians must also carry PAP if they wish to visit any of the protected areas.
  2. Luggage must involve seasonal items of clothing according to the weather for the period of your visit. The summers are still welcoming but the winters are savage. First aid kit, antibacterial creams, sunscreen lotions, woolens are a must.
  3. Before the visit go through the state’s policy about places, wildlife, and interaction with the natives.

Things You Will Need in Sikkim

With plenty of picturesque landscapes, who would not wish to record the moments to look back at them whenever they feel like? Capturing the bird’s eye view as you soar in the sky while paragliding is another thing you wouldn’t like to miss. GoPro is the best equipment to be carried to do that which you can take on rent from us. Go ahead and rent GoPro Hero 8


Willing to visit Mt. Katao to grab the opportunity of pollution-free view of the vast sky. What else is better than a telescope? Who would be spending to buy such an expensive instrument so why not rent it from us? Here is the link to rent telescope in Sikkim from Vacaystore.

The versatile equipment to catch the eye on things at distance, the animals and birds afar. If Telescope doesn’t seems handy, binoculars can help with even viewing stars. We have these equipment on rent too! sounds great right? Go ahead, renting it then. Here’s the link to rent Binoculars in Sikkim from Vacaystore.

We travel for few days and relive the memory for many years. While everyone carries a good camera in their mobile now, the beautiful sights in Sikkim will require a better camera. Carry along a good DSLR, take a lot of pictures and relieve those memories forever. Here’s the link to rent our cameras in Sikkim.

Talking about touring Sikkim! Woolens are a must. Coming from places far away with heavy luggage, it’s not convenient to carry the heavy winter jackets all the way. Why not then rent them too. We provide well dry cleaned jackets of superior quality so don’t worry about hygiene. Rent clean and good quality jackets in Sikkim from Vacaystore. Here’s the link.

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